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Plan 'B' is already in force. It is raining, and the wind is howling, so I'm staying in!

I would like to wish my reader a Happy New Year.

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Well, it is nearly that time again, so I will wish a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year (or is it the other way around?) To my reader.

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I received an email, the other day, pointing out that I've not posted on here for a while, and asking whether I was dead.
Well, I woke up this morning, and found I was still breathing, so I suppose that I'm still alive.
Then again I could be writing this entirely in my imagination. (Does a dead person HAVE imagination? )

So, what have I been doing this year? - er, well -
Apart from attending the funerals of friends who's time had run out, and trying to dodge the reaper myself, not a lot, really!
I've killed lots of weeds in the garden, planted a lot of bulbs, fed the cat a few thousand times, and made a few silly you-tube videos - here's one to groan at - turn your speaker volume down, or the noise will deafen you!
in case you've not already found the link.
I've put lots of words onto forums, and generally tried to keep out of trouble. So, I've not been arrested for anything, cautioned by anyone, or breathalysed while driving.
The slope-soaring site I used to frequent has been lost, because the kind landowner planted trees all over the landing area, so I was forced to find a new club. As there are no worthwhile hills within a sensible travelling distance, I have had to go back to powered model flight, but using battery power, not fuel-burners that get all oily and smelly.
There has been a lot of rain recently, and as the club had a new cabin installed in the last week or so, the spectating area got very chewed up and muddy, so suitable footwear was a necessity.

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Spammers - SOD OFF!

You are not wanted.

If the spamming doesn't stop, I may well scrap Live Journal completely.

I'm sick of having to waste my time clearing crap off everything.

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Hmmm! Nearly three months have gone by without a comment from me!
What to say? It is plastering down with snow - again.
I've not been anywhere significant, except to another couple of funerals. I suppose it is one of the 'things' about getting old, your friends are, too, and gradually the Old Reaper thins them out.
I'm still looking for a decent publisher, for my books. Even though they are now on Amazon UK, and available in paper or e-book format, there is very little movement. I think more and more people are NOT reading words, they rely on the flickering screen for their entertainment of an evening, either watching the rubbish tv, or killing aliens or mercenaries by the thousands in those mindless interactive things on the x-box.
I've had the 2 metre repeater on all afternoon, and not heard a thing except the ident. I know the box is working, because it opened whenever I tried it.
I've still not sourced the severe interference that is coming in on my electrical main supply, which is wiping out everything below about 14 Megs. I know it's on the main, because I pulled all the fuzes, and ran the radio from a battery, and it was almost silent, instead of S9++ of hash. When I take a portable sw rx to the fusebox, as I get nearer the radio lets out a horrible howling racket, and it's no 50hz hum, either! It isn't a so-called 'smart' meter, just an ordinary old-fashioned dial-display one, so it's not being generated by a dodgy meter, either!
I think that's all that is worth commenting on, for now. so - until next time, whenever that happens to be...

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I have just deleted one hundred and sixty-six spam messages from my journal. They were nearly all from a Chinese source, selling fake copies of fake imitation copies of big-name handbags and shoes. (multiples intended!)
As they appeared, I deleted them, and reported them as spams, but they kept reappearing, so the spam filter on here wasn't working very well!
Anyway, I've now deleted all the 'deleted' notices, in 'my messages', as well!
Apart from that, I've not looked into here very much, this year, as I have been busy elsewhere, and there are still only 24 hours in a day, no matter what some people think.
Now that I have taken (not very) early retirement, it makes me wonder how I manged to find time for working!
On the radio ham side of things, I've not done very much radio activity, other than install a 2 metre (144 Meg) set into my car, and study for, take, and pass, the final part of the license. So I now have a new callsign, M0HFF, when I manage to train my mouth into saying it into the microphone! This now allows me to use more RF power, and a few minor gains, such as operating overseas, not that I'm likely to be going. The main reason for taking the course was to keep the two little grey cells working. (I did have three, but one fell out, somewhere.)
I have also replaced my computer, because the previous one decided to fry it's little processor chip, and I was unable to obtain a replacement - (discontinued!) - so have been getting to grips with Windows 7, instead of the stable, tough, and reliable XP. I now have a quad core processor, so the 'puter is faster than the broadband. (So are my garden snails, but that's another gripe!)

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Having passed the final part of my radio amateur's license, my callsign is now m0hff but I'll leave the old intermediate license call as my i.d., ('cos it's simpler than messing about changing it on here!)

Please note, I'm getting a load of spam adverts on my pages.

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My paper books are now available from Amazon UK - at -


as well as at smashwords, where they can be downloaded to your pc, kindle, etc. - at -

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Try this if you drive!


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Happy birthday, friend!

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